What Your Quality Assurance Plan Must Have?

As we all know Quality Assurance is a discipline that is carried out during all stages of SDLC (Software Development Life cycle) to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained throughout all different development phases and also after delivery. Any best QA company or QA engineer starts this process by developing a QA Plan. A well defined Quality Assurance Plan benefits in the endeavor of the best quality software development.

The Quality Assurance Plan must be developed in the initial stage of the software development. We can say at a time of requirement analysis and finalization. A good QA plan will have detailed and documented information about a strategic approach to be carried out during each stage of the SDLC to assure the best quality product during each stage. There will be many things included in the QA Plan, but two most important things which you must have in your Quality Assurance Plan are listed below:

  • Outline of Quality Objectives
  • Roles and Responsibilities

We, at QA Mentor, define a QA plan that will have the clear quality objective, roles and responsibilities, tools to be used, schedule of each QA activity and many other important aspects to assure our QA team and client’s development team are on the same page.

Let us share what you must have in the above mentioned most important thing in your Quality Assurance Plan.

Quality Objectives

As part of our QA Testing Services, we understand the expectations of our clients and targeted end users of utmost quality software. For this, it is necessary not only to understand, but also document the clear objectives of the quality of the developed product. One part of defining the QA objectives includes understating the requirement of end users. We make sure to use the best tools and techniques to gather all requirements and define clear objectives in our QA Plan. Each QA company must practice this before starting a QA project.

Roles and Responsibilities

Each software development has a team with diversified skills. Furthermore, Quality Assurance is not only about developing the best software, it also includes training and other related activities to assure success of the developed software. Thus, delegation of roles and responsibilities is mandatory. The Quality Assurance Plan clearly defines the roles and then responsibilities in detail for each member. The QA plan has to be specific about the Roles and Responsibilities. Each person who is delegated a role must understand what responsibilities he is supposed to take care of.

These two are the most important part of the Quality Assurance document which needs to be defined in the initial stage of the QA project. Also, it will be used during different stages of development.

QA Mentor is one of the best QA companies that have a professional team of QA Engineers. We carry out a systematic approach for software testing and quality assurance. Contact us to experience our professionalism and expertise. Visit http://www.qamentor.com/



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